Profile of an artist

by Faruque Azam

Listen to TamiI first heard Tami Zakaria at a musical soiree held at Shabbir Ahmed’s house. Tami appeared unassuming and humble. But once she started singing every one fell spellbound by the depth of her emotion, maturity of rendition and finely tuned voice, which are vital for Tagore songs.  She displayed a profound understanding of the lyrics and her voice blended like one sweet harmony.
About the singer:

An enlisted singer of Tagore songs on the national radio and television of Bangladesh, a founding member of a charitable music school named “Shuro-Sharobar”, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) by profession and a Wharton Fellow studying MBA at the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Tami Zakaria is a multi-faceted talent and an achiever at such a young age. Yet, she is humbled by her success and wants to continue her pursuit for learning and growth.

Tami first started taking music lessons from her mother, Bilquis Banu, who is also a renowned Rabindrashangeet singer, and an inspiration behind all of Tami’s endeavors. She attended “Chhayanaut” for two years, a premier musical institution of Bangladesh, before becoming a student of Mita Haque, the legendary Rabindrashangeet singer from Bangladesh. Tami has recently launched her first audio album compiling 12 of Tagore’s timeless masterpieces belonging to the genre of love, worship and nature. The album is titled “Aakash Aami Bhorbo Ganey”. This album is a tribute to the versatility of Tagore’s creations. You can check out singles of the album in the following link:

The singer looks forward to your comments and suggestions for her future endeavors, and can be reached at: