Q: What is The Bangladesh Chronicle?

A: The Bangladesh Chronicle is a blog/website for readers concerned about the social welfare of Bangladesh as a country and Bangladeshis as a people both in Bangladesh and abroad.


Q: What types of articles are posted on The Bangladesh Chronicle?

A: We at the Bangladesh Chronicle are regular followers of daily news. Any news item we see that we feel are important to Bangladesh-related issues are posted on this blog. In addition, we have regular contributors who supply exclusive original articles for our readers. These range from accounts of events as well as opinion based commentaries.


Q: Can I contribute to the Bangladesh Chronicle?

A: We encourage our readers to submit articles. You may post articles through this page. Though we would like to publish every submission, articles with bad language and derogatory behavior will not be published. You may also send us an email with your article to info@bangladeshchronicle.net.


Q: How can I keep up to date with Bangladesh Chronicle items?

A: You may follow us on Twitter @bdchronicle. These will inform you of each of our new articles. Our Facebook Page will also send you occasional articles and messages. In addition, our weekly newsletter has the week’s best articles sent directly to your email. You may sign up for our newsletter here.


Q: How much does this cost?

A: The Bangladesh Chronicle is a free website. We are supported by donations and sponsors. If you are interested in donation, please email us at info@bangladeshchronicle.net.

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