Jahid is back with new songs

Internet sensation Jahid is back with some new songs! He rose to fame earlier this year after a video of him singing by the shores of Cox’s Bazar went viral among Bangladeshis worldwide. Jahid came to Dhaka a few months back, and personally paid The Daily Star a visit and  gave us all a splendid live performance.

Jahid was an underprivileged 9-year-old who roamed the beach of Cox’s Bazar, giving head massages, and singing to tourists for money. That is how he met Emran, and that one encounter changed their lives forever.

Soon, after Emran released the video of Jahid’s mellifluous voice singing the local song, “Modhu koi koi bish khayaila”, along with his ukulele, the nation went mad in making the video viral and those two an instant celebrity.

As a result, Jahid was picked up the Sayeman Beach resort who gave him a job-to sing folk and local songs at their evening show, and admitted him to school.

Now, in his recent visit he told The Daily Star that he was surprised that people in Dhaka recognized him, and even took a few selfies with him!  It seems Jahid still doesn’t understand how fame works.

This naughty nine-year old, loves having ice cream and gliding around the office floor. It was hard to pin him down to a down, but once that was over he chatted away like pure humble soul he is.

So, in the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr, enjoy our tête-à-tête with the little celebrity and the man who discovered him, Emran.

Source: The Daily Star


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