Be active to press govt: Tarique

BNP’s Senior Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman has appealed to the supporters to remain active to force the government to agree to the opposition’s demand for a caretaker government.

He was speaking at a meeting of BNP leaders in London on Tuesday.

Tarique severely criticised the Awami League-led government, claiming that family members of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina were involved in the Padma bridge project scam.

This is Tarique’s first public meeting in five years, although, according to BNP leaders, he had participated in several closed-door party meetings.

Tarique, eldest son of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, was elected to the party’s second highest position during his stay in London.

He was scheduled to address another meeting ahead of the one in East London’s Palm Tree Restaurant.

But police stopped the programme at Dockland Crown Plaza after a fight broke out among the participants. Tarique then addressed the meeting at Palm Tree restaurant.

Source: Bd news24


  1. ‘Bhooter mukhe Ram naam’.
    Tarique must not forget that his and Babar’s corruption stories are still fresh in people’s mind. The people of Bangladesh detest corruption and dynastic politics, whether it be practiced by BAL, BNP or any Tom, Dick & Harry!


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