Subhash Dutta passes away

Subhash Dutta, an icon of evocative Bangla movies, died at his residence in the capital Friday morning due to old age complexities.

The great filmmaker breathed his last at his RamKrishna Mission Road house.


He is one of those few great filmmakers who dedicated themselves in establishing cinema as an eloquent medium of art in Bangladesh. And in this enterprise, he made a good number of films that immensely contributed to the making of a golden era of Bangla cinema.

Dutta started his career in the Dhaka film industry at a time when Urdu and Hindi movies were reigning in local movie theatres.

At the beginning of his career, he took on comic roles in mainstream movies and became popular.

Dutta was a versatile talent.

He was the poster designer of the first ever Bangla film Mukh O Mukush.

In Matir Pahar, he acted as an art director.

He performed in Ei Desh Tomar Amar, Rajdhanir Bukey, Harano Din, Talash, Sutarang and many other films.

He intended to make Bangla movies with his own funds–movies that would emulate the real life of the masses, movies that people from all walks of life could relate to.

Spurred by this ambition, Dutta made his first movie–Abirbhab and contributed to the beginning of a golden era of Bangla movies.

Abirbhab not only won the hearts of the local audience, it fetched Dutta a prestigious award at the Frankfurt Film Festival.

Source: The Daily Star


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