Rana Plaza Donors Fund meets $30m target

The Clean Clothes Campaign, an international organisation campaigning for the garment workers’ rights, on Monday announced that the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund has finally met its target of $30 million, following a large anonymous donation.

The CCC has been campaigning since immediately after the disaster in April 2013 asking the brands and retailers linked to Rana Plaza factories to compensate the victims.
‘Now all the families affected by the Rana Plaza collapse will receive all the money they are owed,’ said Ineke Zeldenrust of the Clean Clothes Campaign in a press release. ‘They can finally focus on rebuilding their lives. This is a remarkable moment for justice.’
The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund was set up by the International Labour Organisation in January 2014 to collect funds to pay awards designed to cover loss of income and medical costs suffered by the Rana Plaza victims and their families.
In November 2014, the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee announced that it would need around $30 million to pay in full over 5,000 awards granted through the scheme.
However, the failure of brands and retailers linked to Rana Plaza to provide sufficient and timely donations into the Fund has, prevented the payment of the awards from being completed.

Source: New Age


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