Indian NIA officials to come in Bangladesh for interrogating arrested JMB activists

NIA India

India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) has informed that they will send in a team of officials in Bangladesh soon.

A NIA official informed that the team would seek to interrogate some of the Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) activists arrested in the past week in Bangladesh with the assistance and support from the security agencies of Bangladesh.

The official said the NIA was particularly keen to check out a new kind of gel explosives used by the JMB and which seems to be brought in the South Asia region in large quantities.

NIA said they are worried that such large quantities of this explosive could trigger deadly explosions and the explosives could be smuggled in rather easily.

“We suspect this has been brought in through Nepal. We want to check on the source of this explosive and the route used by the JMB to smuggle it into West Bengal and Bangladesh,” the NIA official said.

In 2006, the British police foiled a trans-Atlantic plot at Heathrow airport, in which seven terrorists, travelling from the UK to the US and Canada, were caught carrying a similar kind of gel explosives.

The NIA also wants to check out on the latest revelations made by the arrested JMB activists, especially those nabbed by the RAB at Mirpur and by a joint team at Gazipur.

The NIA also suspects that three of the JMB men arrested in Gazipur may have their roots in West Bengal.

Source: Ittefaq


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