World Cup football pushes up TV sales

As the biggest football event approaches, television sales have increased substantially, according to the vendors who are trying to cope with the rise in demand

Mainul Islam, a university student in Dhaka, was looking to buy a television set. He lives in a house with three other fellow students. As there is no TV set in their room, they are desperate to get one within their affordability before the FIFA World Cup begins on June 12.

“We have arranged Tk12,000 for a television. If you watch (matches) together, there will be more fun,” he said while choosing TV sets at Bangabandhu National Stadium Market yesterday.

As the biggest football event approaches, television sales have increased substantially, according to the vendors who are trying to cope with the rise in demand.

The LCD and LED TV sets have witnessed a particularly increasing demand, the market insiders said.

Visits to various TV showrooms in the city found that people of different income brackets thronged to purchase TV sets ahead of the World Cup which has already started dominating daily gossips.

To attract the customers, the vendors have offered different price discounts, raffle draw and lucky coupons.

There was a particular demand for comparatively cheaper local brands like Walton and Marcel among the customers who are mostly young.

“New designs (of TV) have been launched keeping prices within affordability of our consumers,” said Marketing Director of RB Group of Companies Emdadul Haque Sarker. RB Group is the producer of Walton brand products.

“We have seen 41% hike in May sales of TV sets from the previous month. Our usual stock of TV sets is 40,000-50,000, but due to World Cup it has been increased to 1.5 lakh,” he said.

The demands of the imported TV sets have also marked big rise before the  World Cup. Importers said the sales are much higher than expectation.

Foreign brands suppliers are also making lucrative offers to bring the customers to their stores, which include, among others, free travel to one of 32 participating countries after the end of the World Cup.

There will also be a regular discount of Tk1,000 in every product and “the customers” will even enjoy 100% discount rubbing scratch cards, said Sabbyasachi Haque, sales executive of Electra International which is the supplier of Samsung TV in Bangladesh.

Sony Bravia and Rangs televisions are offering five blue-ray home theater to five “lucky customers” through participation in raffle draw.

“World Cup have really boosted our sales,” claimed Md Mohiuddin, an official from of Rangs Electronics.  Rangs supplies both of the products to the Bangladeshi customers. The prices of CRT television now ranges between Tk5,000 to Tk11,000 while it is over Tk10,000 for both the LCD and LED television sets.

The whole Banganadhu Stadium market was seen buzzing with TV customers selecting “best offers” and “best TV sets” for them.

All were in festive mood and would start counting down to football extravaganza just after grabbing a TV which is much-coveted at least for the time being.

Source: UNBConnect


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