WB’s graft allegation baseless: Mashiur

Prime Minister’s Economic Affairs Adviser Mashiur Rahman

Prime Minister’s Economic Affairs Adviser Mashiur Rahman on Saturday termed the World Bank’s allegation of corruption in the Padma bridge project as baseless.

Speaking at the BBC Bangladesh Sanglap at Bangla Academy auditorium, he said the WB failed to provide any proof of corruption in favour of its claim.

“World Bank made the allegation but we are yet to know what it actually means. The newspapers that were very active to publish the allegation also said nothing about it,” said Mashiur, adding nobody has seen the page of a diary which is said to be the basis of proof.

He said it was the responsibility of the complainant and the active newspapers to reveal the proof.

When asked that WB handed over proofs to the government, the adviser, who is now on leave due to corruption allegation in Padma bridge project, said, “We asked but WB did not give that.”

Source: The Daily Star


  1. Looks like Mr. Mashiur Rahman is still working for the PM. Why was he not fired? The man is a sleaze and a crook. Looks like the PM likes him. That is why he keeps traveling with her in all meetings overseas and within Bangladesh. The tax payers are paying for his trips and expenses. He should be in jail. The country belongs to people and not Sheikh Hasina. If she represents the people, she should have fired him and he should not be trailing her in international trips.

  2. Mr Rahman is a shameless crook. If he had any sense of selfrspecr and dignity he would have resigned already. But the country is ruled by Gobu Raja so she needs the Hobu manntri like Muhit and Mashiur etc. Their downfall is imminent.

  3. Mashiur Rahman is a shameless crook and out and out a tout. His mentor and protector, a modern day bandit queen who is out there to plunder and rob the country is the leader of the state pickpockets. Sooner Bangladesh gets rid of these dangerous parasites better it is for the country.

  4. Mashiur Rahman is only an ‘yes-man’ of the central character who is the quintessence of all evil in the country. Interestingly, nobody is talking about that character. If the country can get rid of that person, ‘Mashiur and gang’ will vanish automatically.


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