Star-studded Gala Night of Celebrating Life 2013


After a great series of run-up events, with participation by a huge number of contestants from April to June this year, ‘Celebrating Life 2013′ honoured and celebrated all participants who have exceeded all expectations to make this year’s contest one of the best that the Daily Star and Standard Chartered Bank have ever seen. Khan Nahida Moushumi reviews this year’s performances at the Gala Night of ‘Celebrating Life 2013′.

The Winning Lyricist – Rayhana Parveen
This year’s theme chosen for ‘Celebrating Life 2013′ was ‘Empowerment of Women’ and the Gala Night on the 4th of October, kick-started with the song titled ‘Nari’. It was written by this year’s winning lyricist, Rayhana Parveen. Labik Kamal Gaurob was the Music Director and the nine artists who performed this choir rendition on stage were Shawjeeb, Leemon, Pantho Kanai, Prithwi Raj, Orko, Waqeel, Parvez, Joy and Gaurob.

gala night

Sheuli Bhattacharjee
The opening Gala Night performance was followed by an award giving ceremony. The second performance at the Gala Night was by Sheuli Bhattacharjee. She was born on 28 November. Her first mentor was her father, Babu Bhattacharjee. In 1994, she went to India, to MS University of Baroda with an ICCR Scholarship to study on Instrumental Music – Violin. She later completed her Master’s from Rabindra Bharati University in Calcutta. In 2001, she went back to MS University for her PhD in Instrumental Music – Violin. She feels blessed to have been mentored by Pandit V.G. Jog, Professor VC Ranade, Timothy Shuloya Banerjee and Dr. Rakesh Mohisuri. At the Gala Night, she performed Raga Yaman with her band Sporsho Classical Orchestra. This was a Hindustani Classical raga of Kalyan Thaat.

gala nightPriyanka Gope
Priyanka Gope swept the audience off their feet with her honeyed voice at the Gala Night. Born on 11 February, Priyanka Gope, was initially trained in Udichi Shilpi Goshti based in Tangail. Her Guru was Dr. Aushit Roy from Dhaka University. Later on, upon receiving the ICCR scholarship, she went to Rabindra Bharati University in India. She was also trained by Pandit Arun Bhaduri and Urmi Das Gupta. She is a Kirana Gharana artist and she performed Raga Jog at the event.

gala night

Rezwan Ali Lablu
Rezwan Ali Lablu, born on 6th February, started training at Magura Shilpo Kola Academy. In 1985, he was enrolled in BAFA (Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts) and was also trained in classical music by Abdul Bari Khan. In 1988, he went to MS University of Baroda with a scholarship, to complete his Honors and Master’s in classical music. Later on in 1996, he went to Gandharva Niketon in Mumbai to obtain his PhD in uncommon raga. There, he was trained by Narayanrao Patwardhan and Pandit VR Athwaley. He is a Gwalior Gharana artist and at the Gala Night, he performed a unique composition of Shahana and Kirwani Raga.

gala nightNishit Dey

Rezwan Ali Lablu’s performance was followed by a hypnotizing sitar performance delivered by Nishit Dey. Born on January 7th in 1991, Nishit Dey was first mentored by his father and his uncle. He started training in tabla since grade two. From 2004 to 2006 he received his vocal training from his uncle Aushit Dey. In 2006, he started sitar training from his Guru Sheikh Sattar Mohammed, who later passed away in 2009. Since then Nishit Dey is being trained in classical music by Aushim Chowdhury. He is an Imdadkhani Gharana artist and he performed Raga Charukeshi at the event.

Shadhona Dance troupe

The Gala Night was wrapped up with a mesmerising dance performance by Shadhona Dance troupe. They performed a contemporary dance number titled ‘Ultraviolet’, choreographed by Abu Nyeem and facilitated by Artistic Director Lubna Marium. Hanif, Sonjoy, Bonna, Mela, Anha, Lavina, Parimita and Shammy were amongst the troupe members on stage.

gala night

gala night

All the winners of Celebrating Life 2013 along with; Cultural Affairs Minister Abul Kalam Azad, CEO Standard Chartered Bank, Jim McCabe and Managing Editor Of The Daily Star, Salehuddin Ahmed

All the winners of Celebrating Life 2013 along with; Cultural Affairs Minister Abul Kalam Azad, CEO Standard Chartered Bank, Jim McCabe and Managing Editor Of The Daily Star, Salehuddin Ahmed

Source: The Daily Star


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