Shakib becomes president Amit secretary general


Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan has been elected the president while hero turned villain Amit Hasan has been elected the secretary general of Bangladesh Film Actors’ Association.
Omar Sunny became the vice-president and actress Moushumi and Bobby became executive members in the election.
Shakib beat villain Ahmed Sharif while Amit beat top seeded villain Misha Sawdagar in the election held on Friday. Shakib-Misha panel won 16 out of 21 posts in the election.
Amit Hasan participated in the election as an independent candidate but was supported by Ahmed Sharif led panel. Only two members of the Sharif led panel won in the election. Arman was elected uncontested in the post of assistant secretary general. Kamol also became a member of the executive committee as an independent candidate.
After winning the election for the second consecutive time Shakib Khan said to New Age, ‘I am really happy to be reelected as the position has given me the opportunity to serve film artistes again’.
‘My intention is to help the artistes. And I’ll try to complete the unfinished tasks. Moreover, with the other members of the association, I’ll bargain with the government for the welfare of the artistes’ Shakib said.
Amit Hasan said that he was really happy to win the election and getting the opportunity to work under leadership of Shakib Khan.
‘Shakib showed the charisma as leader in the last term. I’ll try to support him to make the association more functional, Amit said.
He also added, ‘Our goal will be to help destitute and ailing artistes who are suffering a lot, making a big fund and ensuring artists’ benefits.’
Source: New Age