Shahbagh youths back Kamaruzzaman war crimes verdict on Thursday

Youths at Shahbagh sing patriotic songs to uphold their spirit on Wednesday evening. Photo courtesy by Blogger and Online Activist Network – BOAN Facebook page

The youths are back. With songs and slogans in their spirited hearts Shahbagh got back its familiar look. Once again hundreds of youths gathered and lit up candles to rekindle their protest demanding death to all war criminals.

They will wait agonizingly for Thursday’s verdict on Jamaat leader Kamaruzzaman’s crimes against humanity committed during the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh.

“If the verdict is death sentence, we will rejoice it by brining out a victory procession,” said Maruf Rasul, one of the key orgranisers of Shahbagh movement that started on February 5, shortly after a Dhaka tribunal awarded life term imprisonment to Quader Mollah for war crimes.

Frustrated by the verdict, Bloggers and Online Activists Network, imbued with the spirit of the Liberation War, initiated the movement as they demanded capital punishment to the notorious war criminal.

Deeply moved by the rekindling of the spirit, Thousands of people later joined the youths.

Hurdles came along the way as some vested quarters started a smear campaign against the protest organisers, terming them as ‘atheists’ and they hurt the ‘religious sentiments of Muslims’.

The rumour even cost the life of Ahmed Rajib Haider, a blogger and activist of Shahbagh movement, was found stabbed dead on February 15, hours after the organisers decided to discontinue from today the 24-hour blockade.

In 91 days of protest, the youths faced an attack from a Quami Madrasa based organisation — Hefajat-e Islam — as it launched several demonstrations against them.

In the wake of their demonstrations, law enforcers on Monday morning dismantled the stage, media cells and several tents set up by the Shahbagh youths.

Now Shahbagh intersection once more gets abuzz with their display of art form of resistance.

Source: The Daily Star


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