Rana’s father held in Moghbazar

Detectives arrest Abdul Khalek, the father of Sohel Rana, from capital’s Moghbazar on Monday.

Detectives arrested the father of Sohel Rana, owner of nine-storey Rana Plaza in Savar, in Moghbazar in the capital Monday.

Abdul Khalek’s arrest came in the afternoon a day after Rana’s arrest in bordering Benapole area by members of Rapid Action Battalion.

Rana Plaza, a nine-storey building housing five garment factories, a branch of Brac Bank and a shopping complex, collapsed on Wednesday trappings several thousand people inside it.

The building collapse death toll now stands 381.

Detectives, acting on a tip-off, raided a flat at Madhubagh in Moghbazar around 2:00pm and arrested Khalek, Deputy Commissioner of Ramna Division Sheikh Maruf Hasan told The Daily Star.

The arrestee was taken to Savar Police Station.

Wali Ashraf, a sub-inspector of Savar Police Station, filed the case against Rana, his father and the owners of the five garments housed in the building for loss of lives and damages, hours after the collapse Wednesday night.

Source: The Daily Star


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