PM to address nation in a few days


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to address the nation in a few days as she could not make her customary annual speech on Sunday, the day the Awami League-led government took over.

She had been addressing the nation on the day every year since her party formed government in 2009.

“The Prime Minister is closely monitoring her government’s activities in the last four years and evaluation of those activities by different quarters. In a few days she will address the nation highlighting the measures her government has taken,” said the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant (Media) Mahabubul Haque Shakil.

She addressed nation on Jan 5 last year, Jan 6, 2011 and Jan 6, 2010.

The Prime Minister changed her regular activities scheduled for Sunday as she has been down with a bout of seasonal influenza.

“The Prime Minister believes in accountability. Even in her illness, she is observing how the people of the country are evaluating the four years of her government’s tenure,” said Shakil.

Two other programmes scheduled for Sunday were also either postponed or rescheduled for this reason.

Source: bdnews24


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