Plying of battery-powered vehicles

Look at the issue realistically

As reported in this newspaper recently, a large number of electric three-wheelers have flooded the port city. And they come in two forms, motor-rickshaws and easy-bikes, which are battery powered. They are unauthorised, not having obtained BRTA approval. The fact is, it is not only Chittagong but also many other towns and cities where these machines have made their appearance. And they have been there for quite sometime now, operating under the very nose of the law enforcing agencies illegally.

The question is if these have been declared illegal by the BRTA how come they continue to ply? We find it difficult to accept the Chittagong metropolitan police version that these vehicle are not allowed on the streets. Pictures speak otherwise. Going by the picture that appeared with the news, they are not in ones and twos but in large number, parked on a busy road. And for every one that is impounded, there are at least ten more that run on the streets, having ‘managed’ the police.

Admittedly, these are environment friendly vehicles, but being run on batteries, the recharging is being done in a completely unauthorised manner, from workshops or garages which themselves have unauthorised connections, incurring loss to the government apart from the fact that these also induce load shedding. And the motor-rickshaws in particular, are unstable.

We feel that all the relevant agencies must work together to address the issue. If they are illegal there must be public announcement in this regard. Merely asking the public not to use them is not enough. However, the government should also look into the merit of allowing the use of vehicles that cause little harm to the environment, such as these.

Source: The Daily Star