Khaleda invents story to skip paying house rent: Matia


Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury on Monday blasted BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia for her claim that she has no money, saying the BNP chief invented a new story to skip paying the house rent.


Taking floor on point of order, she criticised Khaleda for spreading propaganda that she cannot pay her house rent due to want of many.


Matia claimed that BNP chairperson draws Tk 2.5 lakh from bank monthly. “How can it be possible that a woman can’t maintain her family for a month with Tk 2.5 lakh.”


She however, explained, “The price of each metre of her saris is US$ 500 while each sari is Tk four to five lakh. She pays Tk 25,000 as charge for making a blouse. Actually, she does not want to pay her house rent.”


Khaleda also does not pay the utility bills, including water supply and electricity bills, the minister alleged.


Criticising Khaleda Zia, Housing and Public Works Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain said the value of the house owned by Khaleda Zia at Gulshan is nearly Tk 450 crore.


The house is now rented to British American Tobacco from where Khaleda Zia gets Tk 3 lakh officially every month while the unofficial amount of the rent is much more, he said, adding that she whitened black money when she had been in jail during 2007-2008.


“It’s a matter of shame that being the prime minister she posses a huge amount of black money. Where is the money now?” he said.


Khaleda Zia has eight bank accounts. If she had not huge money, she would not have opened a number of bank accounts, he added.

Source: UNB Connect


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