Govt bans green chilli, eggplant, cucumber export

 The government has imposed a ban on the export of green chilli, eggplant, cucumber, coriander leaves and lemon to ensure the smooth supply of these essentials in the market during Ramadan.

Revealing this, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Wednesday said the restriction came into effect today.

He was talking to reporters after an inter-ministerial meeting at his office.

Tofail expressed the hope that the prices of essential commodities will remain under a tolerable level during the month of fasting as the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) has enough stock.

He also said following a hike in the prices of onion in India, the government has decided to import onion from Turkey and Myanmar to keep its prices stable on the local market.

Besides, the government will provide duty-free facilities for importing any food item if their prices go up on the world market, he said.

The minister said they have talked to the importers, stakeholders and businessmen over the prices of essential commodities during Ramadan.

“They’ve assured us of keeping the prices of the essentials within the purchasing capacity of the commoners. They’ve also assured that they’ll not create any artificial crisis of the commodities in the market during the holy month of Ramadan,” he said.

Tofail also warned that instant action will be taken if anyone is found involved in hiking the prices of the essential through making artificial crisis.

Source: UNB Connect


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