Gap must be narrowed

The wide gap between mainstream education and the Madrasa-system can be reduced through exchange of information and ideas among the proponents of these two different education systems, according to participants of a discussion.


These opinions were expressed at a view exchange/ roundtable programme titled “Hifazat-e Islam, Kaomi education and political reality” organised by on Saturday.

National Professor Salauddin Ahmed, Professor Shirajul Islam and Professor Salimullah Khan took part in the discussion.

They believe the gap might be reduced if the advocates of these different systems hold discussions without any prejudice or preconceived notions.

Professor Salauddin Ahmed said, “There are needs for more interactions between the two streams of education. This should be done with an open mind. The main goal of education is to attain knowledge. No knowledge can be gained without consciousness.”

Farid Uddin Masoud Co-chairman of Quomi Madrasa Education policy preparation committee said, “The misunderstanding between the two education systems must be eradicated. Those who study in universities – do they know what madrasa education is? Likewise those who study in madrasas are unaware of modern education. The confusion should be cleared from both sides. There has to be a mechanism to familiarise the participants of madrasa and general education.”

Historian and Professor Shirajul Islam said, “There is no need for clashes and movements. We are all Bengali and want progress and peace. Citizens from all religions should have access to the same resources.”

“We have a problem with intercommunication. One will not know the other that is not the right approach.”

Professor Salimullah Khan proposed that schools and madrasa’s be brought under a comprehensive curriculum for the first 12 years.

Nurul Huda, Editor of Arts in moderated the discussion. Hifazat-e Islam’s joint convenor Mufti Mizanur Rahman Sayeed also spoke on the occasion.

Source: bdnews24