Ershad demands formation of all-party interim govt


He asks govt to take action against ‘atheist bloggers’

Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Saturday demanded that an all-party interim government be formed to hold the next national election.

“We demand the formation of an interim government with representatives from all the parties, and that the national election be held under that government with the participation of all,” he said while addressing the council of the JP Chittagong city unit.

Ershad also said all sides must sit for dialogue to resolve the crisis regarding the upcoming election. “All sides must come to the negotiation table for discussions to tackle the current situation of the country. Otherwise, we won’t be able to ensure peace and discipline,” he said.

The former military ruler observed that the two major parties of the country are doing politics only to go to state power and retain it at any cost.
“Is it the right way to do politics the two parties have been practicing over the last 20-22 years,” he said.

Ershad also expressed his full support to Dhaka-bound April 6 long march of Hefazat-e-Islam and urged the government to take action against the ‘atheist’ bloggers of Shahbagh.

“They (bloggers) have denigrated Allah, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) and Islam. They’ve also divided the nation. Take action against them immediately,” he said.

Ershad said mass awakening cannot be created with police protection. “It’s to be of spontaneous as was in 1969 and 1971.”

Observing that Hefazat-e-Islam had to be floated due to Ganajagaran Mancha, he said an Islamic-awakening has been created. “You (govt) can’t survive the wave of this awakening.”

About attacks on minority communities and vandalism of their worship places, the former military ruler said pointing to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, “You’ve completely failed to give security to the minorities. Don’t shift blame onto others to cover up your failures.”

He observed that political decency and courtesy have been lost in the country, saying political opponents have now turned into enemies.

Reminding all of who invited the 1/11 episode by staging ‘logi-biotha’ rampage, the JP chairman said the country’s 16 crore people are now helpless and insecure.

Giving a broad hint to leave the Awami League-led 14-party alliance, Ershad said his party does not want to be staircase of others to assume power.

Forecasting that the next general election will be his last polls, he said Jatiya Party wants to go to power to serve people.

The former president alleged that though the government has withdrawn thousands of cases filed against Awami League men, it did not take any action against the masterminds of the share market scam.

Claiming that the government is not in favour of peace and progress, he said it has taken a stance against a person like Nobel laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus taking the country’s relations with the USA to the verge of destruction.

Source: UNBConnect



    And those who opposed the politically motivated Kangaroo court circus’s show are majority , both in Bangladesh and outside. You will be tried for your evil & cunnings. You advised Hasina to delete the sentence from the constitution that read, ” WE TRUST IN ALLAH & DEPEND ON HIM”, taking undue advantage of her poor education, low intelligence and un-Islamic upbringing. This was not in A.L’s election manefesto. She did not know and could not comprehend the outcome of her such action that has outraged 89% of the people in this country, paving the path for the apostates to launch their vicious anti-Islamic programme. No matter what happens, you have to be tried in a sharia court.
    If Ghulam Azam has been a “WAR CRIMINAL” why Hasina went to his house , sought his blessings, political support & in 1996 formed an alliance with his party to oppose the BNP? Whom you dwarf man trying to fool?


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