Demra building tilts Rajuk orders demolition


A three-storey building tilted on an adjoining six-storey at Sarulia Purba Hajinagar in Demra of the capital on Monday. Authorities, immediately, have disconnected gas and electricity connections of both the buildings to avoid any accident.

A three-storey building in the capital’s Demra area tilted early Monday, prompting the authorities to order its demolition.

The building tilted on an adjoining six-storey building at Purba Hajinagar around 2:00am, Afsar Uddin, an authorised officer of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk), the development authority of Dhaka, told The Daily Star on Monday.

Hajinagar area also falls under the administration of Narayanganj district.

On information, officials from Narayanganj rushed to the spot and sealed off the building after evacuating six families residing there.

Another team from Rajuk led by Afsar Uddin and Magistrate Shahidul Islam Bhuiyan also visited the spot and identified the building as a non-engineered one.

The team also asked the owner of the building, Mohammad Ali, to demolish it.

“It has no structural and architectural design. No soil test was done before the construction,” said Afsar Uddin.

Rajuk officials also hanged a notice outside the building that reads: “It is a risky structure and was built without Rajuk’s approval. No one can reside there anymore.”

On queries, whether the owner of the building would be punished, Afsar said, they will sit with the higher authorities for a decision in this regard.

Ali, who was living on the second-floor of the building, claimed that his brother-in-law constructed the house in 2000 as he was in Kuwait then.

Ali settled there in 2007 returning from Kuwait and came to know that the building was constructed without an approval of the Rajuk.

Source: The Daily Star