Celebrating Nobanno Utshob


Country’s biggest agricultural festival, Nobanno Utshob, is being celebrated across the country. Each year, a festival is organized to celebrate the harvesting of Aman which is known as the festival of harvest.

In Bengali Nobanno means “New Rice”. The main new rice comes at the Bengali month of Agrayhan and the festival is held at the last part of the month. It’s the most joyfulday for the rural people. Because in this period of time they bring their livelihood to their homes.


The Nobanno is celebrated by various kinds of local cakes and sweets which are all made from the new rice they harvested. It’s a day of joy and this day they entertain each other by their home made foods. In the past this festival was only held among the rural people but now a days Nobanno is also celebrated in the urban areas too. There is a Nobanno Udjapon Parishad in Dhaka which has set a goal of spreading this festival among the people of Dhaka. For which it has been holding Nobanno utsab at the Bakultala of the institute of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka for last few years.

Various dance and music forms have grown out of the ritual accompanied with the festival. Examples are Chhau, Bihu etc. Also the name nabanna is associated to several rural welfare projects and banks. Several poets, musicians baul and painters flock to such mass gatherings.

News Source: Tripbd


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