Banning Jamaat not possible now: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said it is not possible to ban Jamaat-e-Islami through executive order as a writ petition regarding banning the party remains pending with the High Court.

The premier said this when a delegation Kawmi Madrasa called on her at her Gono Bhaban residence in the capital this evening.

Hasina assured the Islamic leader that the government would take decision for recognition of the Kawmi education as per recommendation of the commission constituted in last year.

The commission headed by noted Islamic scholar Allama Ahmed Shafi has already submitted its report to the Education Ministry, she said adding a common curriculum is being prepared for the Kawmi education in light of the recommendation.

Source: The Daily Star


  1. Though not always, our PM takes right decision against many odds. In her numerous speeches she has emphasized that democracy is all she always fights for. It was real democracy through which Muslim League, that brought about Pakistan, lost all ground and now is an extinct species. Why should a political party have to be banned if democracy is so dear to all of us? It may be a good choice for those who do not believe in democracy and still dream of Stalinism or Maoism. But look at them how many seats they have in the parliament? Except boarding on ‘BOAT’ they would have got their deposit forfeited in any election. But the case of Jamaat is different. They have representation of at least 5%-6% population in the parliament in their own capacity. Now if people do not support them they will die a natural death. Why create a vicious climate in the country by banning it unconstitutionally? Some self-conceited ‘antels’ cite examples of Nazis of Germany. But did they take 42 years to ban them? And is the climate and environment of Germany prevailing here? Has Germany ever been listed as the no.1 corrupt nation? Those ‘antels’ who try to fool us forget that there are more knowledgeable people than themselves. It’s their stupidity that they try to beguile us.

  2. By acknowledging that the government cannot provide security to country’s communication network it has taken an undemocratic, illegal action to stop the entire transport system , as ordered by the apostate gang , By this action it has proved that there exists no government in the country and the government’s partner the gang of apostates have TAKEN OVER THE COUNTRY

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