Bangladeshi girl heads to Vegas to win Miss USA Title


Paromita Mitra, originally from Bangladesh and currently Miss Mississippi USA, is headed to Las Vegas to participate in the 2013 Miss USA Pageant.

Paromita grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is currently a senior at Mississippi State University studying Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.

She credits her interest in space and engineering to her brother and her determination and hard work to her very close-knit family, according to US media reports.

As a first generation immigrant from the country of Bangladesh, she has learned to grasp every opportunity thrown her way. “I truly feel it is a way to thank the USA for allowing me and my family to be citizens of this amazing country full of opportunities,” says Paromita.

Along with preparing for the very competitive Miss USA, Paromita enjoys different cultures and traveling.

She can speak four different languages, has once flown a plane, and also traveled the country of Italy on a study abroad programme.

Source: UNBConnect