AL awaits Muslim League’s fate: Khaleda

 BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Tuesday night said the ruling Awami League will meet the fate of Muslim League getting split into many factions once it loses power.

“People no longer believe Awami League. They had been out of power for nearly 21 years in the past…once loses power the party will face the fate of Muslims League this time and will be split into different factions. Awami League will no longer remain the Awami League,” she said.

Khaleda came up with the remarks while exchanging views with newly elected members of Noakhali District Bar Association at her Gulshan office.

Stating that Awami League is unwilling to hold fair polls fearing its serious debacle, the BNP chief said the government will be forced to hold a general election under a non-party administration, no matter how many tricks it resorts to.

“Observing the recent city polls, even foreigners have said no fair election can be held under Awami League. They (AL) also know what will be their consequence if a fair election is held. But, we want to clearly state that Awami League must arrange credible polls under a non-party administration,” she claimed.

The former Prime Minister further said, “Democracy will be restored and it won’t take a long time. Just have patience for a few days.”

Khaleda alleged that Awami League is involved in terrorism and militancy and carried out such activities. “The ruling party creates new militant outfits and gives new names like Ansarullah after regular intervals. When they feel they are in trouble, they pick up some people calling them fanatics to give the foreigners an impression that militancy will reemerge if Awami League quits power.”

She accused Awami League of annihilating democracy, the rule of law and snatching people’s basic rights. “They did nothing good for people. They indulged in corruption, killing and making people disappeared.”

She came down hard on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina saying she is not only an autocrat but also a killer. “Hasina is directly involved in killings and enforced disappearances. She has link with all the incidents of enforced disappearances from Ilias Ali, Chowdhury Alam to Salahuddin.”

The BNP chief said that law enforcers are now controlling everything as Sheikh Hasina loses control over them.

She also accused the government of trying to destroy BNP by letting loose the law enforcers and Chhatra League and Jubo League. “It won’t be possible to annihilate BNP as it’s a pro-people party.”

Mentioning that the government has already destroyed all the institution with politicisation, Khaleda alleged that the ruling party is now resorting to various tricks to grab the Jatiya Press Club and Bar Council.

The BNP chief also urged the lawyers to get united and work hard to ensure the victory of Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Forum in the August 13 bar council polls.

Khaleda alleged that some media are making misleading reports about BNP’s organizational weakness and reformation. “I want to clearly say that BNP is very strong and united. There’s no division in BNP and we’re on the right track. We’re just waiting for the right time.”

About the party’s overhauling process, the BNP chief said they are recasting the party and its associate bodies to make the party dynamic and stronger.

She said all the party’s unit and associate bodies will be overhauled gradually to create new leadership and accommodate the competent one in different committees.

Source: UNB


  1. BNP is clearly doomed for now & out of the game. BNP had its chances & failed the people. Primary blame lies squarely on BNP leaders including K Zia & Tarek. Khaleda Zia in her last few days, is clinging to her position till she exits the scene or passes away. That will see disintegration of BNP. Dicey characters like Moudud (b-in-law of Toufiq Elahi ) will simply walk over to AL & he is not the only one.

    In line with the Left leaning parties like Workers’ party & JSD, it wud be wise for BNP & Jamat party workers join AL & save their skin.

    Someday in the distant future, the genuine freedom fighters could be the HOPE for a pro-people new political party. Common people are sick of pro-Pak, pro- China, pro-India parties. High time we see some pro-Bangladesh pro-poor party. There is always room for HOPE.


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