4 sitting judges to write full-verdicts of 168 cases disposed by retired judges

High Court Supreme Court SC

Four sitting judges of the Appellate Division would write full verdicts of 168 cases which were earlier disposed by judges who went into retirement before writing the full verdicts, said the chief justice on Thursday.
Chief justice SK Sinha told the attorney general and other lawyers that there would be no change in the verdicts and they would uphold the short-verdicts.
He said writing full verdicts of all 168 cases would require one month. He, however, said only two or three cases, in which there were observations and findings in the earlier judgement, might require rehearing so that the newly assigned judge could rewrite the verdict in the cases.
The short verdicts were given most by two judges including Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury.
Besides, there are verdicts given by some former chief justices including Justice M Fazlul Karim. Some of the judges also passed away after pronouncing short verdicts.
Attorney general Mahbubey Alam saw the order as ‘positive decision.’ ‘It was aimed to malign any of the justices,’ he said.

Source: New Age


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