1. Can anyone tell me why justice for the families whose members
    Have been ruthlessly murdered in the so called BDR massacre
    Is not in the agenda of the Shahbagh Projonmo chatter protesters.

  2. It’s been very clear that though appearing non-political at the beginning, the so-called ‘gonojagaran mancha’ has revealed in its true color. This will be clearer if one goes through the election manifesto of the ruling party. Was trial of ‘war-criminals’ their no. one priority? No. But they have very cunningly been able to divert people’s attention to their failure to implement their top priorities like bringing down galloping market price, control corruption (instead they’ve fostered it to its extreme heights), giving full independence to and strengthen the ACC, PSC, EC and the judiciary, ensure good governance and so on. But in all those priorities none has been given importance to and to cover up those failures (rather willful ignorance), this drama has been staged. But common people are not so dullard as they think. Today or tomorrow, the gruesome massacre of our pride – the brilliant army officers – which could, as many military experts said, be avoided had the govt tried to solve the crisis from the military point of view. But alas! We are in a democracy (?) and that too a pathetic caricature of it.


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