The Legendary Humayun Ahmed Lives Through 64th Birthday

On his birthday, some accomplished actors representing different generations, who had worked with Ahmed spoke about him.

Tariq Anam Khan
“I first met Humayun Ahmed a long time ago, when he had just returned from the US, completing his Ph.D. By then, he had a number of books published, and was a known name.We rehearsed before the shooting at Nawazish Ali Khan’s office. Nawazish Ali one day told us that Humayun Ahmed would come to the rehearsal, and he came, but sat silently throughout the rehearsal. The last work I did with him was under his direction, in “Ghetu Putro Komola”, the last film he made.”

Suborna Mustafa
“I never had the opportunity to work in TV plays or films directed by Humayun Ahmed, but I had worked in a few serials written by him. One of them that became hugely popular was “Kothao Keu Nei”. I played the character of Muna in the serial, after Humayun Ahmed approached me personally, asking me to play the role. Later in the 1990s, when “Shongkhoneel Karagar” was to be made into a movie, Humayun Ahmed asked me to work in it, and told me that he was writing a character for me. I told him I’d work if I got the role that I did for the TV show. He wrote the screenplay all over again, and I worked in that film.”

“I’ve worked in numerous films, but just one TV play, directed by Humayun Ahmed. The title of the play is “Esho”. I initially did not accept that role in the play, but everyone, my mother included, said that I was stupid to be turning down an offer from such a gifted director. I finally did the role, and on the first day, Ahmed greeted me with a huge bouquet of flowers. It’s a memory I’ll cherish for life.”

Shadhin Khosru
“My first work with Humayun Ahmed was the drama “Jatra”, and I played the central role in it. I had just returned from England at that time, and was a big fan of Humayun Ahmed’s writing and direction. A friend told me that he knew Humayun Ahmed personally, and introduced me to the writer. I was involved with acting in England. After he saw me perform, Ahmed reacted positively but suggested that I work on the Sylheti accent. He promised to work with me in his films later.”

“I was one of the few people who were close enough to Humayun Ahmed to go to his Dhanmondi residence to cut a cake on the first hours of his birthday. Another November 13 has come, and it will be hard to accept that he is no more.”


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