Singer complains of police raid

Nancy held a press conference at the National Press Club on Thursday to protest the government action.

She said she decided brief the press after the police raided her Netrokona residence on Tuesday night.

Unnerved and embarrassed, Nancy felt the police action was fully undemocratic.

“I am a singer. I am not someone involved in politics. I sing for people irrespective of their beliefs and opinions. But I have the right to have a political ideology beyond being an artiste,” said Nancy.

“I am a BNP supporter. What is wrong in that?”

“Every citizen has the right to express his/her views on politics. I posted a status on Facebook, praising the BNP out of my fondness of it. This is my democratic right. I am aggrieved by the police raid, conducted because I expressed my views against the government.”

She complained about police misbehaviour during the raid. Police even threatened to frame her, she alleged.

Nancy also said she had been receiving threats over the phone from unidentified sources since the FB status was posted.

She said she felt insecure as she had started getting more threat calls after the police raid.

She, however, did not lodge an official complaint with police.

Source: Bd new24


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