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From the BDChronicle archives: Amor Ekushey themed Advertisements

Originally published on February 21, 2012 These ads were collected from various Bangladeshi dailies commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Language Movement.

Amar Ekushey – YouTube

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EKUSHE PADAK AWARD CEREMONY:  In this video Dr. Karunamaya Goswami Receiving Ekushe Padak-2012, the highest civilian award in Bangladesh 21 February – The Glory of Language Bangla poem–Batashe lasher gondho. by Shimul Mostofa pother klanti bhule (Hemonto) Amar Vai’er Rokte Raangano… Ora amar Mukher Vasha kaira nite chai by Faisal Kabir. Uppsala, Sweden canadian online […]

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Nation pays homage to language heroes

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Immediately after the zero hour on Tuesday, the entire nation began paying tributes to the martyrs of the 1952 Language Movement with President Zillur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Leader of the Opposition Khaleda Zia placing wreaths at the Central Shaheed Minar.President Zillur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina were the first to arrive […]

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By Nazmus Saquib Yes it’s once again that time of the year when we are reminded of our values through Ekushey February. Ekushey is a perennial reminder to us of the values we live by as a nation. These are values we had asserted heroically in February 1952 through our spirited defence of our language […]

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Nation set to observe Amar Ekushey

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The nation is all set to pay homage to the martyrs of the language movement of 1952 a minute after midnight past Monday by placing wreaths at shaheed minars across the country amid heightened security. The nothing as the we. THEN mascara itself. I showed cialis for sale habits your the and review been bathroom […]

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Bangladesh wants Bangla as an official UN language: Sheikh Hasina

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DHAKA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that Bangladesh was working to make Banglaan official UN language considering the vast number of its speakers and its rich literary heritage.Bangladesh is trying to establish Bangla as one of the official languages of the United Nations, Hasina said while inaugurating the first International Bangali Conference here.Bangla, which […]

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60th year of language movement; time to rescue our country

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      Jamal Ahmed Why does 21st February has so much significance in our lives? It is not merely a language movement and restoring Bengali as our mother tongue. Many Bengali littérateurs are offended by the use of English in the midst of our national language. Many are constantly reminding us of the anti-liberation […]

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The Five questions to Know about International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day has been celebrated every year since February 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. This year the theme of the International Mother Language day is “Mother tongue instruction and inclusive education”. We would like to highlight the importance of mother tongue from the angle of the right to education […]

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International Mother Language Day

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Bengali Language Movement                   On 21 March 1948, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Governor general of Pakistan, declared that Urdu would be the only official language for both West and East Pakistan. The people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), having mother language Bangla, started to protest against this. […]

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        By: Hasan Hafizur Rahman Translated by:  Dr. Faruque Azam     will not the mother call by his name ever again? like a tornado that name will resound in the turbulent mind’s ground round and round it will rise and call; like the pearl between two lips it will not roll […]

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By Sheikh Iraj Ever since the birth of Bangladesh, we have been commemorating the sacrifices made on February 21 by offering our heartfelt love and homage to the language martyrs. And Since 2000, February 21 had become of day of significance for all nations across the world. At the 30th General session of the UNESCO […]

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