Rejection of Mollah’s pleas: Shahbagh youths go into ecstasies


Ganajagaran Mancha activists brought out a jubilant procession in the capital on Thursday after the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court rejected the defence petition for reviewing the death sentence of war crimes convict Abdul Quader Mollah.


The Shahbagh youths, led by its spokesperson Imran H Sarkar, took out the procession from Shahbagh Chattar around 1:45 pm and it ended at the starting point after parading Ruposhi Bangla Hotel crossing and Raju Sculpture at TSC of Dhaka University.


People from all walks of life took part at the procession.


Expressing pleasure over the rejection of the defence petition, Imran said the nation finally has got justice. “People of Bangladesh are now satisfied.”


On Tuesday night, Chamber Judge of the Supreme Court Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain stayed the execution order of Quader Mollah until 10:30am Wednesday.


Later, the Appellate Division vacated the stay order and rejected the defence pleas to file a review petition on Thursday.

Source: The Daily Star


  1. Bangladesh is a nation of great contradictions – its attitude of compassion accompanies its flirtation with cruelty; and its sense of rationality goes hand in hand with rogue behaviour! Its continuing struggle is how can it make its people subscribe to the former and subdue the latter.


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