Kolkata Muslim outfits plan pro-Jamaat bandh, want Sheikh Haseena to quit


OVER a dozen Muslim outfits along with Human Rights Association are planning to hold a demonstration in Kolkata on March 30 demanding the stepping down of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Haseena amid the war crime tribunal’s verdicts against Jamaat-e-Islami’s leaders in connection with the atrocities committed by them during 1971’s Liberation War.

Some of the Muslim outfits in Bengal are demanding setting Bangladeshi Islamic orator and politician Delwar Hossain Sayeedi free after the tribunal awarded him death penalty.

Prominent Muslim leaders such as Syed Md Nurur Rahman Barkati, Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid and Maulana Syed Athar Abbas Rizvi, imam, Cossipore Masjid are expected to participate in the demonstration.

“We had recently filed a deputation to the Bangladesh High Commissioner and it didn’t have any effect,” said said Md Qamruzzaman, general secretary, All Bengal Minorities Youth Federation.

He also said that if their demands are not met, they would appeal to the Indian government to severe all ties with Bangladesh.

Barkati strongly condemned the actions of the Bangaladeshi government and said whatever Sheikh Hasina was doing was not only anti-Islam but anti-humanity as well

Earlier, the outfits had planned to hold the protest on Tuesday, but police denied permission, forcing them to hold the protests on March 30 .

Source: Indian Express


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