India not to interfere in BD issues: Akbaruddin

Reiterating its policy, spokesperson of Indian Ministry of External  Affairs (MEA) Syed Akbaruddin on Thursday said the people and government of Bangladesh would resolve issues themselves and India will not interfere in it.

“…it has always been our view that it is for the people and Government of Bangladesh to resolve issues themselves,” he said when a questioner wanted to know India’s position on the current situation in Bangladesh at a press briefing at the MEA, according transcript of the briefing.

For more than a month now Bangladesh is going through almost unprecedented political unrest and violence.

When sought comment on the situation, the spokesperson said, “All we do is we wish Bangladesh, its Government and people all the very best; and hope that they resolve their issues themselves.”

He also said it is not for the government of India to make any judgment call on that reminding all that it is not their policy to intervene in matters which are essentially in the domestic jurisdiction of any of its neighbours or elsewhere.

Earlier, the United States described the current situation in Bangladesh as ‘tense’ one.

“Obviously, the situation in Bangladesh is a tense one, but I think the two leaders (Barack Obama and Narendra Modi)) during this (Obama’s) visit were able to point to the power of democratic forces and what it can do to empower all of its citizens,” said Phil Reiner, NSC Senior Director for South Asian Affairs, in Washington on Tuesday.

Source: UNB


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