Hollywood director, artistes to feature in Bangladesh film ‘Masud Rana’

Hollywood director, artistes to feature in Bangladesh film ‘Masud Rana’

Staff Correspondent | Prothom Alo  Jul 22, 2019

Cover of the first book of `Masud Rana` series is seen next to director Asif AkbarBangladesh-born Hollywood director and actor Asif Akbar released his first venture ‘Astro’ in June, 2018.

Working with the Hollywood industry since 2006, Asif has made up his mind for a new venture, ‘Masud Rana’, in Dhallywood.

Bangladesh’s production house ‘Jaaz Multimedia’ came up with the good news on social media on Monday.

According to Jaaz Multimedia, the co-producer of the film, many things such as lead actor, actress and co-artistes have been fixed.

The 830-million dollar film will be shot at different locations in Mauritius, Thailand and Bangladesh. The film will be dubbed in in Bangla and English. It will be released all over the world, the Jaaz added.

In his long career in the world’s biggest film industry, Asif Akbar acted in nine films in the USA and was involved with directing of 16 films, including some of full-length movies, short films and television ventures and documentaries.

He also has experience in writing screenplays and editing.

The Jaaz authorities also said Hollywood actors –Mickey Rourke, Gabriel Wright, Daniel Bernhardt, Michael Pare and wrestling star ‘The Great Khali’ — will feature in the film.

Peter Field, who is famous for his filmography in many blockbuster Hollywood films like ‘James Bond’, ‘World War Z’ and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, will be director of photography for ‘Masud Rana’.

Also, action director of ‘Inception’, ‘Batman, and ‘Transformer’ Phil Tan will also work in the film.

The Bangladeshi production house added that the lead character of the film has already been chosen and the name will be disclosed soon.

A Bollywood actress will feature as ‘Sulta’ in the film, it added.

‘Masud Rana’ is one of the most popular fictional characters in Bangladesh. The series turned 50 in 2016. Writer Qazi Anwar Hussain is the creator of the character.

Abdul Aziz, Asif Akbar and Nazim-ud-Doula have worked on the story of the film.

Earlier in September 2018, Jaaz Multimedia came up with the declaration of making the film.


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