BNP sees plot to banish Khaleda from politics on Hasina’s orders


“The government is targeting Khaleda Zia as their last resort,” Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said in a statement on Thursday.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday told Parliament that Khaleda could be tried for the loss of life and property during the blockades and strikes she ordered on Jan 5.

Rizvi alleged the prime minister was considering the BNP chairperson “a major obstacle to her bid to hang on to power”.

“They are plotting to arrest Khaleda Zia to remove her from politics. The prime minister’s statement in Parliament suggests so,” he claimed.

The BNP leader also accused the government of deliberately attacking opposition activists.

Rizvi demanded release of party activist arrested during its latest agitations.


  1. BNP led opposition has been successful in bringing the country to almost a total shut down . The freedom fighters of our liberation fought the war for long nine months in 1971 without any break. Today’s freedom fighters of democracy may also have to fight a long non-stop war until a government of the people is established by defeating all evil forces who captured power through unfair means. People of Bangladesh is left with no other choice but to come out of their comfort zones and say “No” to this ruthless government. Their resistance needs to be fierce and decisive so that results can be achieved sooner rather than later.

    Being a patriotic people’s party, BNP must be feeling bad for the sufferings of the people. But the fact is, BNP led 20 Party opposition showed maximum restraint (for last 12 months) for a peaceful settlement of the current political deadlock by dialogue in order to hold an election that is acceptable to the people. Hasina’s regime unfortunately not only showed a cold shoulder to this legitimate demand of the people, she herself and her party leaders ridiculed BNP’s capacity for any movement to challenge the government. Therefore, Hasina will have to take all responsibilities for all these sufferings of the people and anything that may go wrong (all buses are burnt, all garments are set on fire, militancy etc.) and any inconvenience created to the citizens of this country.

    If Hasina listens to people and organises a free, fair, credible and inclusive election, this violence will stop immediately. People will vote their representatives in as per their choice. BNP is not wanting to grab power like Awami League did. People are fighting only for a credible election. Is it too much an ask?


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