BCB contemplating plans for training to resume

The Daily Star  June 03, 2020
Star Online Report

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) are looking to come up with plans to start training activities while maintaining safety standards and to that end the board had asked BCB Chief Physician Debashish Chowdhury to prepare plans on how training can resume safely.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has already published guidelines for the safe resumption of cricket to assist countries in restarting cricket activity as government restrictions owing to COVID-19 start to relax.

The BCB president Nazmul Hassan had previously stated that they would not take any chances with the safety of players amidst the pandemic and while elsewhere sports activities are slowly resuming, the situation in Bangladesh is still uncertain. However, the fitness of players is a concern and Debashish informed reporters that he has chalked up three plans on how to approach training once more.

“It’s becoming a challenge to keep cricketers fit. The situation hasn’t improved much. BCB asked for plans and I have prepared three plans. I will submit them and then the BCB will decide when they can start enacting them,” Debashish informed.

He however also informed that there were no dates yet decided. “Yes, they asked for plans but did not say when they can start enacting them. We still don’t know if we can work in the current situation.”

“It’s not possible to do group training at the moment. Among the three plans that will be submitted, one will be individual training. A cricketer will get one hour where he will train alone. A few staff will be present to help him. The risks will be less when less people are involved,” he said.


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