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Strangers in a Strange Land

Sushmita S Preetha As we celebrate another Omor Ekushey, we remind ourselves of the importance of language in forming and defining our identities. We pride ourselves for the way we resisted Pakistani imperialism and oppression, and we rejoice our refusal to bow down and assimilate to the then dominant culture. We recall how blessed we […]

DHAKA, FEB 1: India now hopes to ship 35,000 metric tons of food grain from Kolkata to Tripura using Ashuganj port, despite the fact that the trial run period on the Bangladeshi facility has expired. The Indian government has placed a request with Bangladesh to allow use of the shipment facilities on sovereign territory, in […]

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By Mohammad Badrul Ahsan More than two hundred years ago Benjamin Franklin was a one-man band of talents, a noted polymath, leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. He proved electricity and lived a long life. “Better slip with foot than tongue,” is how he concentrated […]

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Of Unity and Food Security

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Zannatul Ferdous, back from Godagari (Rajshahi) Food security is a key challenge facing many in the fur-flung corners of Bangladesh. The problem is especially acute for the rural landless poor, for whom the means to combat this challenge is precariously limited. To take on this challenge, a group of villagers looked to the power of […]

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