United Air flight escapes mid-air collision

Details of the Saudi Airlines flight are still not clear

A United Airways flight headed from Muscat to Dhaka has averted a mid-air collision with another Saudi Arabian flight in Kolkata airspace on Tuesday.

The Kolkata Traffic Air Control refused to comment on the matter though Indian Airports Authority is believed to have ordered an enquiry, Ndtv reports.

Captain Ariful Islam of Bangladesh’s United Airways said that his plane almost came within “visual distance” of an aircraft flying towards him.

He said the sky was clear, there were no clouds and he “got a visual” of the approaching flight-believed to be a Saudi Airlines cargo plane.

When he was about 270 miles from Dhaka and flying at 33,000 feet, he was told by the Kolkata Air Traffic Control to descend to 29,000 feet.

As he started to do so, his warning system, TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), went off and alerted him about a flight approaching him at 32,000 feet.

There were 148 passengers on his plane.

He immediately alerted the Kolkata Air Traffic Control and ascended to 33,000 feet again.

“There had been some mistake,” Captain Islam told NDTV.

“All conversation is recorded and can be checked.” Normally, there has to be a height difference of at least 1,000 feet between airplanes.

Details of the Saudi Airlines flight are still not clear. It was possibly a cargo flight 983 from Hong Kong to Jeddah. This is, however yet to be confirmed.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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