Stop killing and weeping to others: Hasina to Khaleda

Jan-5 election was important for democratic march forward, she reiterates

 In a scathing attack on the Zia family, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday urged her archrival BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia to stop killing people and disgracing the country by weeping to others.

“I’ll call upon the BNP chairperson to stop killing people and also to stop disgracing the country by weeping to others,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the President of the ruling Awami League, was addressing a discussion meeting marking the 65th founding anniversary of her party at the city’s Suhrawardy Udyan in the afternoon.

Hasina said she could perceive the heartburns of those now talking rubbish. “She (Khaleda) didn’t join the last election, but the election was held, and she’s now crying to her foreign lords having failed to gain support from the country’s people.”

She went on saying, “AL never grabs the legs of the foreign lords, but takes the state ahead being empowered by the country’s people.”

About the BNP chairperson’s recent claim that Hasina was behind the killing of Ziaur Rahman, the Prime Minister said, ”Why we would kill Zia…I’ll rather ask Khaleda where she was during the killing and what was her role then?”

In this connection, Hasina said, after long nine years in 1990 after the killing of Ziaur Rahman in 1981, Khaleda Zia all of a sudden at a function in the capital called HM Ershad her husband’s killer although she enjoyed all facilities, including house, cars and money from the military ruler. “What’s the mystery?”

During Ziaur Rahman’s killing, the Awami League President said, she was in Sylhet and was the first person to issue a statement so that constitutional provision prevails in the country instead of martial law.

“I would like to ask Khaleda Zia, from where Ershad got the courage to grab power, if she (Khaleda) had not supported him,” alleged the Prime Minister.

Mentioning various attempts to kill her, including the August 21 grenade attack in 2004, attack in Chittagong in 1988, alongside killing common people in the name of movement to foil the last January-5 general election, Hasina said, “Killing people is her (Khaleda) nature, they’re habituated to killing people…her husband was a killer, she and her son, her whole family members are killers and the country’s people know that.”

Sheikh Hasina alleged that with the direct patronage of the BNP Chairperson, many people were burned to death and killed in the country in the name of resisting the January-5 election.

She said the January-5 election was very much important for maintaining the democratic march forward and safeguarding democracy in the country.

Listing various ill-attempts of the BNP-Jamaat government, including 10-truck arms-haul case, serial bomb blast in 500 places, grenade attacks and killing AL leaders, the Prime Minister said the BNP chairperson had wanted to turn Bangladesh into a failed state as she never wanted the country’s independence.

Mentioning that her government in its previous term had brought back the laundered money of BNP chairperson’s son from abroad, Hasina said they are also looking into who have got money deposited in the Swiss Bank and other foreign sources and taking steps to bring those back home. “There’s no doubt she (Khaleda) will be found involved in this connection.”

Terming Khandaker Mushtaq as the ‘black sheep’ for the AL, Hasina alleged that after the killing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975 with most of his family members, Moshtaq declared himself President and then made Ziaur Rahman the Army chief.

Alleging that there were various attempts after 1975 to split Awami League, Hasina said her party is a diamond and it will keep on spreading light, no matter how many times it is cut.

Highlighting AL’s glorious history in the country’s various movements, Hasina said whatever the Bengali nation received till date that is only because of Awami League.

The Prime Minister expressed her resolve that like implementing the verdict of Bangabandhu killing, the war crimes trial would continue in the country and thus the nation would be freed from its stigma.

She also renewed her vow that Bangladesh would turn into a middle-income country well before 2021, a prosperous developed country by 2041 and a peaceful country in South Asia like Switzerland of the East.

The Awami League chief also directed her party leaders and workers to further strengthen her party as well as strengthening its various associate bodies.

Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed, AL Advisory Council member Suranjitsen Gupta, Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury, LGRD Minister and AL general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam, AL Presidium member Adv Shahara Khatun, AL joint general secretary Dr Dipu Moni, Food Minister Adv Qumrul Islam, AL city unit acting president MA Aziz spoke at the discussion meeting.

Source: UNB Connect


  1. One wonders how with unparalleled dexterity the PM of Bangladesh utters brazen lies and without a blink of the eyes makes absolutely false allegation against whoever differs with her. Some say Lucifer has left Bangladesh in utter shame because he has lost to PM Sk. H. in every step.

  2. She should mention what happened when her dear father became a President and PM at his will without election. Also that, the Hasina’s father proclaimed one party system to remain in power for eternity. Hasina should tell the truth. Can she deny the people in Dhaka rejoiced by millions when the first dictator of Bangladesh was killed. Can any AL man deny this? People distributed sweets and congratulated each other. Hasina and her chamchas should never forget those days.

  3. Hasina is a curse for Bangladesh. She has made lying such an art and taunting such a norm that these have now become part and percel of culture of Bangladesh/Bangladeshis.

    A wholesale obliteration of this curse from the soil of Bangladesh is the only thing that can bring civility and decency to this wretched nation!.There is simply no other way.


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