Single play ‘Ashomapto Upakhyan’

Single play “Ashomapto Upakhyan” will be aired today at 2:35pm on Channel 9 as a part of the channel’s special arrangement for the lady viewers.

The special programme “Women’s Hour” will feature the single play from 2:35pm to 3:30pm without any commercial break.

Scripted by Mostafa Monon, the play was directed by Shahin Shwadhin. The cast of the play includes popular actors Tarin, Zitu Ahsan, Monir Khan Shimul and Mohua among others.

In this play, Ayon is a promising artiste and he leads vagabond life. On the other hand, his wife Ruba is a corporate officer who always passes busy time as she runs for promotion all the time. Ruba, however, decides not to live with Ayon and meets with an advocate for getting divorce.

Her advocate completes all procedures and confirms her that divorce will be effective just after three months. In the mean time, Ayon requests Ruba to go back to the earlier life and starts living again after convincing her somehow.

While they start feeling love for each other again, the divorce letter creates the obstacle here. Thus the story develops.

Source: The New Age


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