Seven murders and the worst fear

Even if only a fraction of this suspicion is correct, our worst fear will have come true. We are not safe anymore

  • One in a long line of killings

The killing and abduction spree set off by a quarter of the dark world has captured the nation in a mesmerising scenario. There are no pristine words or phrases to describe this ongoing horrific orgy of bloodletting.

Murders and killings were always there from the very beginning of human history, but with each day it takes a new monstrous shape. It’s as if only taking a life is not enough, now it has to look as horrendous and terrifying as possible.

Over time, we have been gifted with famous horror stories and movies, which we have been watching with great appreciation for the big stars and their artistry of making “real life” horrors.

“Dracula” is a name which we have known since our childhood. We have witnessed with awe how the sharp and long toothed human-looking creatures called “vampires” thrived on human blood. How do we erase the memories of hair-raising scenes of a human prey caught and having the red fluid drained out?

Perverted acts of these mentally-deranged slaughterers always gave us shivers.

Killing with sharp or blunt weapons, smashing heads into smithereens, or chopping the body into pieces … these were the common proceedings of horror movies. Once upon a time these were impossible obsessions in real life, doable only in the movies created by the storyteller, portrayed by actors playing certain characters, and supported by appropriate sound and lighting effects.

Only God can tell how those characters made their way into our real lives. While we have enjoyed watching them for ages, these imaginative creatures have stealthily settled in our midst. They tip-toed into our veins to take over and do away with the peace and love in our lives. They turned love into hatred. They replaced water with blood to quench our thirst.

In no time, we abandoned the civilised road which we were all on to reach the finest goals of life, with a touch of divinity in our feelings. We have started traversing backwards, ending up in the most chaotic disorders of life. We failed to behold the fearful face of the satanic sects or feel the gradual plunge into the dungeons of decomposed darkness.

And now here we are, devoid of any sensation and filled with deadness. We watch our mothers and sisters brutally treated by the modern-day lunatics, the violation of underaged girls, the defacing of beautiful faces, we witness our brothers and fathers vanishing into darkness or even in broad daylight.

And then the enduring tragedy begins for the families, their pleading and begging for the safe return of their lost loved ones goes on unabated. We discover our dear ones twisted and buried in the odorous waters of the Sitalakhya or Buriganga, or cast off in a ravine inside a guinea bag.

Hatred, greed, and perversion have taken over our souls. This is no politics, no social contest for fame – this is simply the unleashing of a gory harakiri of unwell minds. This is a display of the distorted minds that have lost the God-gifted boons, passing their days cursed and rotting every day, vitiating the atmosphere.

What is wrong with Narayanganj and its leader? Its inhabitants have suddenly been exposed to a most perilous life. The ruling party leaders are deeply engaged in internecine squabbles, the situation has reached the depths of despair. The rivalry has been brewing for some time now. In the last mayoral polls, that saw Ivy win the contest, could be considered a turning point (for the worse) for the people of Narayanganj.

Ever since then, things have been turning bad every day. Young Tawki was found dead, and immediately after Osman’s family was accused in the complicity.

Gradually the dreadful atmosphere started getting thicker. The rise of backyard parasites to power added further tragedy to the politics. Nur Hossain’s ascend has been right under the muzzle of the ones at power and the law enforcers – but no one thought of stepping in to cut his wings. We have many such Nur Hossains in Narayanganj and other parts of the country. We can only hear about them after some horrific tragedy has been perpetrated by these grisly souls.

More disturbing is the news that the victim’s families are accusing RAB of being involved in the murder of these people. They allege that a whopping Tk6 crore deal was struck to eliminate these people. Scores of evidence are being now examined. The government smelled a rat in all this and have removed a number of law enforcers from the town. It only strengthens the suspicion over the involvement of these law enforcers.

Meanwhile the High Court has ordered the CID to investigate the alleged involvement of the RAB men in the killings. The worst fear is not of the politicians or their hired money-licking goons, because we are used to their offensive acts. The worst fear is the alleged connection of law enforcers in the killing.

Even if only a fraction of this suspicion is correct, our worst fear will have come true. We are not safe anymore.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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