Remittance inflow stands at US$ 10.765bn as of Mar 22

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The country’s remittance inflow stood at US$ 10.765 billion as of March 22 this fiscal, says the Bangladesh Bank.

According to the Foreign Exchange Policy Department of Bangladesh Bank, the country received US$ 873.05 million until the 22th of the month. It was US$ 1,163.18 million in February this fiscal.
The central bank statistics show that the country received $ 279.86 million in the first week, $ 329.26 million in the second week and $ 263.39 million in third week of March.
Of the total remittance so far earned in March, the state-owned commercial banks received $ 309.44 million, while private commercial banks $ 543.58 million, foreign commercial banks and specialised state-owned banks $ 8.45 million and 11.58 million respectively.
Source: UNBConnect


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