Public university teachers need permission to work with other institutions: UGC

The Daily Star August 09, 2020
Star Online Report

The University Grants Commission asked authorities of public universities to ensure that all teachers abide by service rule and take permission before working with other educational institutions and running own businesses.

UGC in a statement today also asked public universities to utilise funds allocated for research properly.

It also asked authorities to prepare a list of students who will need assistance to buy smartphones to attend online classes during the coronavirus crisis.

The statement said that UGC had sent three separate letters to the Vice-Chancellors of 45 public universities regarding the matter.

UGC came to know that some of the teachers and staff members of public universities are working with different government and non-government organisations without prior approval of authorities, violating service rule. Some of them are operating own businesses, which is also a violation of the rule, said the statement.

UGC said it allocates public money for universities to do research. And public universities distribute the money after scrutinising the submitted project proposals following a review.

“But it seems that some public universities are flouting the rules,” it said, adding, “We are urging all to ensure that allocated funds are given to only approved research projects.”

UGC said that as the universities are closed for many days to prevent further spread of coronavirus, students are facing immense losses. UGC had urged all universities to go for online classes to minimise the loss.

It also sought free internet package and soft loan or grant to buy smartphones for students who need those from the government.

It asked all public universities to prepare a list of such students who need financial assistance to buy smartphones and send it to UGC by August 25.


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