Prove or apologise, TIB told

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Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said in Parliament on Thursday that TIB must prove or withdraw its report.

TIB on Monday released the document – Private Universities: Challenges of Good Governance and Ways Forward – that castigated private universities.

The report said bribes, starting from Tk 500 to Tk 30 million, were being given for passing assignments, tests, audits, getting fake certificates, approvals for new curriculums, departments and faculties in private universities.

Their probe also found that money was changing hands to manipulate campus inspections, approval of appointments to top posts such as those of VCs, pro-VCs and treasurers.

The Education Ministry issues a media statement the next day dismissing TIB’s corruption claims as baseless without, however, making specific comments on the report’s findings.

Nahid, speaking in response to a proposal by Naogaon-3 MP Salim Uddin Tarafder, said TIB had no right to confuse the people.

“Give us the evidence you have immediately. Or else, withdraw your report and apologise to the public,” said the minister.

He, however, said the ministry was investigating the alleged irregularities in private universities.

“I will urge you again to provide us proof because we will accept whatever punishment if what you say is true. We are trying to probe it ourselves. It just started today.”

“They have no proof. This report is an effort to embarrass the government and confuse the people.”

Speaking at the Secretariat on Wednesday, he said TIB had not spoken to the ministry, though it said it had been conducting the investigation for two years.

“The media will be briefed in a week after we get full information on the matter.”

Source: Bd news24


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