Protect workers’ rights to protect RMG industry: Karmojibi Nari


Leaders of Karmojibi Nari, a female workers’ platform, on Wednesday demanded a rational minimum wage structure for the garment workers to resolve the ongoing crisis in the RMG industry over the announcement of a new minimum wage structure for them.


“We’re concerned that the garment owners and workers are still hell-bent on their stands over the announcement of new minimum wage structure. We want a permanent solution in this regard to protect the industry and the workers’ interest,” executive director of Karmojibi Nari Rokeya Rafique told a press conference at its office here.


On November 4, the board formed to re-fix the minimum wage for the garment workers finalised a new minimum wage structure at Tk 5,300, but the RMG factory owners rejected it.


Apart from announcing a new minimum wage structure, Rokeya Rafique said the government should bring the garment workers under its social safety net programme to ensure their civic amenities and fundamental rights like accommodation, education and healthcare.


Coordinator of Karmojibi Nari Nasrin Ara Begum, in her written statement, said the garment owners and workers have the equal contribution to the development of the country’s RMG industry.


“The garment owners must provide fair wages to the workers to continue the productivity of the industry…if you want to protect the garment industry, you must protect the workers,” she said.


Nasrin Ara recommended forming a permanent wage commission to fix the minimum wage structure for the RMG workers.


On October 31, the wage board also held a marathon meeting, but could not reach an understanding in finalising the new wage structure as the owners’ representative insisted on fixing Tk 4,250 as the minimum wage.


However, the labour leaders had stuck to their demand for Tk 8,114 as the minimum wage.


Executive member of the Karmojibi Nari Ummea Hasan Jalmol and its assistant coordinator Sultanul Azam also spoke at the press conference.

Source: UNB Connect


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