PM stresses building country with Liberation War spirit

News - PM stresses building country with Liberation War spirit
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday called upon all to work together to take the country forward upholding the country’s constitution and build Bangladesh imbued with the Liberation War spirit.
“Through the independence, we’ve got our recognition as an independent nation and we’ll have to uphold the constitution and move the country forward abiding by it,” she said.
The Prime Minister was addressing a rally of children and juvenile held at Bangabandhu National Stadium in the morning marking the country’s the 43rd Independence and National Day.
Hasina said the Bangalee nation had to march through a long path of struggle and bloodshed to gain the independence.
Terming children the future leaders of the nation, Hasina said her government has been working relentlessly to protect the rights of children as well as present a beautiful, developed and better life for them and thus brightening their future.
In this context, she mentioned that Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had implemented various programmes for ensuring the welfare of the children alongside rebuilding a war-ravaged country.
The Prime Minister said Bangabandhu had formulated Bangladesh Child Act in 1974 and incorporated a clause in the constitution on formulating a special provision for the children by the state although the United Nations General Assembly later adopted ‘Child Rights Charter’ in 1989.
Following the path of Bangabandhu, she said, the present government has taken various initiatives to build the country upholding the spirit of the War of Liberation and adopted a time-befitting national education policy to ensure proper education for the children.
Hasina said her government has ensured the distribution of textbooks to students free of cost on the very first day of the academic year and almost cent percent enrollment in primary schools apart from free distribution of textbooks up to the secondary level.
She mentioned that the physically-challenged children are being provided with training on various disciplines alongside increasing the scope of education and financial assistance for the welfare of the street children, children engaged in risky and hazardous jobs, dropped out children and also to the physically-challenged children.
The Prime Minister said her government has already formed an Education Assistance Trust Fund from where some 1,16,000 students would be provided assistance for carrying out their higher studies.
Hasina also expressed her firm resolve that Bangladesh would not be termed a poor country one day and it would stand at the global stage keeping its head high. “We’re taking every step so that we could build a hunger and poverty-free, developed and prosperous Bangladesh.”
Terming the country’s children ‘Sonar Children’, she also expressed her hope that they would take ahead the country and once would become ministers and even the Prime Minister and thus build ‘Sonar Bangla’ as dreamt by the Father of the Nation. She also prayed for a bright future of the children.
Hasina urged the children to learn the undistorted history of the Liberation War, freedom fighters and life of the Father of Nation. “Today’s children must build themselves as worthy citizens to lead Bangladesh with dignity.”
Laying emphasis on regular study, the Prime Minister also advised the children to abide by their teachers and elders’ guidance and requested all to be sensitive to the mentally and physically-challenged children and to the poor.
Earlier, the Prime Minister formally opened the rally through hoisting national flag while the national anthem was played at that time. She also released balloons and pigeons and inspected the parade.
Organised by the district administration, Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Yusuf Harun gave the vote of thanks. Dhaka Divisional Commissioner AN Shamsuddin Azad Chowdhury was also present.
On her arrival at the venue, the Prime Minister was received by State Minister for Liberation War Affairs AB Tajul Islam.
Later, Hasina took salute of the 40 participating teams from different educational institutions and enjoyed a colourful display.
Source: UNB Connect


  1. Is the Prime Minister joking? The spirit of the Liberation War was destroyed when BAKSAL was created in 1975 and the rulers of the time chose to depend on the Rakkhi Bahini rather than the people, simply to crush all opposition and cling to the power. It was nothing but a mercy from Allah (swt) that the people of Bangladesh did not have to endure BAKSAL for too long (Pl. see the front pages of all newspapers of 15th August,1975).
    Events that unfolded one after another since then have further decimated that spirit to virtually nothing. The proof is the failed attempt to revive this “spirit” through the so-called “Gonojagoron Moncho” and the nation is now divided more than ever before. Only another mercy from Allah (swt) can save this nation from further ruination beyond recognition.
    May Allah(swt) have mercy on the people of Bangladesh. Ameen.

  2. Thanks, Mr. Hossain. In fact if one wants to learn how to blow hot and cold in the same breath, learn it from our dear (?) PM. She seems to be the ardent follower of poet Ishwar Gupta who said, “Jadi jaibi pashchime bolibi dakshine chalibi uttar mukhe; Shap-er mathai vekere nachabi tobe to rohibi shukhe’.(If you want to go west, say you’re going to the south and then walk towards the north; Make the frog dance on the snake’s hood and only then you’ll stay happy.). What spirit does she speak of? When Bangabeer Quader Siddiqui in one of his writing in a daily ‘the Bangladesh Pratidin’ asked what was her and her sister’s contribution in the liberation war, many began to think about the significance of his words. He also suggested that she is now encircled with those most of who are once used to be called ‘the 16th Division’. To think what’s she has been doing by giving an upper hand to those among who wanted to make tambourine with Bangabandhu’s skin! Most of the real FFs and their commanders are far away from her and those who are with her are all ‘freedom fighters’ even if they are known to the local people as diehard ‘rajakars’; but those real freedom fighters who are not with her are branded as ‘neo-rajakars’, Jamaatis etc. Thus even a freedom fighter like Bangabeer Quader Siddiqui has also been termed as ‘neo-rajakar’.This is the ‘spirit of liberation’ she has been trading on. Actually the common people like us are earnestly and humbly praying to Allah Almighty that He may absolve us from the terrible situation she and her party has created.

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