PM defends Joy’s remark about AL reelection


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday defended her son Sajeeb Wazed Joy’s comment that Awami League will come to power again.


“Joy said one thing; he said that on the basis of survey and poll,” she said while distributing cheques of Journalists’ Assistance Allowance to 158 journalists at her office.


Hasina said that a ‘survey report’ showed that the Awami Leaguel advanced in the ‘opinion poll’ and people still have their faith and confidence in the party. “As per the survey, Awami League will secure good result in the next (general) election and will be in power next.”


She said when Joy commented that as per the survey report and poll, he got the picture that Awami League will do good in the next election and will come to power again, some vested quarters tampered with his statement.


“The vested quarter is now saying that Awami League is hatching conspiracy to come to power again.”


The Prime Minister also wondered about the people smelling conspiracy behind Joy’s remarks. “From whom we are hearing about the conspiracy. These people are habituated to do conspiracy and that’s why they are telling abut the conspiracy,” she said.


She alleged that these people are used to vote rigging, vote engineering, stuffing the ballot boxes, capturing polling booths by hooligans, and using the law enforcing agencies people and members of the armed forces, administration and media.


Hasina further said: “Those used to do conspiracy will see conspiracy everywhere. They will think at their level; they can not think any better than that. This is the ground reality.”


In this regard, she mentioned that she had the fourth survey report in her hand that was conducted by herself.


“This is not the intelligence survey reports, I also have those, DGFI and NSI also do survey, but what I have is totally different. We do the survey to figure out the condition of the party and it is normal,” she said.


The Prime Minister criticized the vested quarter saying that they are spreading false information.


Recently, Joy in an Iftar party said he had information that the Awami League will win in the next election and will form the government again.

Source: UNBConnect