No second chance for DU entrance

“Only those who pass HSC in 2015-16 academic can take the admission tests of the Dhaka University. Those who have passed before just cannot,” Vice-Chancellor AAMS Arefin Siddique told after a meeting with the admission committee on Tuesday.

He said allowing a second chance to old students can ‘deprive’ first time entry seekers.

“… and meanwhile those who already sat for the tests once try to cheat with the help of coaching centers when they are allowed to take the tests again.

The vice-chancellor said the university would have less admission seekers once a second chance is denied — so it can then accommodate all seeking admission in its own campus.

“There will be no more cheating … and also … the university will no longer have to lose seats to this system of giving chances to second-timers,” he claimed.

Those who pass HSC used to get two chances for entering the premier Dhaka University.

Earlier, only two aspirants were found eligible to study English out of the thousands who sat for admission.

The university hit hard by the miserable outcome of the ‘Kha’ unit tests held in September decided to relax the department’s new conditions in order to fill seats.

The pass mark for ‘Elective English’ unit tests has been lowered from 15 to 8 and General English from 20 to 18.

The English Department will take students from ‘Gha’ unit under the same conditions if taking the ones from ‘Kha’ fail to fill all the seats.

The department will enroll 150 students as freshers, and 125 among them will come from those who sat for ‘Kha’ unit tests under the Arts Faculty.

The rest were to be taken in from those who sat for ‘Gha’ unit tests.

Source: Bd news24


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