Khaleda finds snapping off utility govt’s worst, cruel behaviour

Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia on Saturday termed the government’s snapping utility services to her office in Gulshan office as the government’s ‘worst and cruel behaviour’.
The BNP chief’s press secretary Maruf Kamal Khan stated it quoting Khaleda Zia.
‘I do not know any language to make reaction over it. I am stunned,’ Maruf quoted Khaleda saying.
Maruf said Khaleda expressed the sentiment while talking to her party’s leaders and activists at her office.
The BNP chairperson said disconnecting electricity line and closing all utility services was unprecedented and out of courtesy.
‘No civilized government can make such behaviour,’ she said adding that it was out of imagination in the civilized world.
She said stopping citizen services without notice was contrary to law and termed it as totally violation of human rights and civic rights
Source: New Age


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