Justice must be fair and open

We are concerned that despite the public hearings, so much information about the culprits remains shrouded in mystery and speculation

A public hearing is underway to bring the perpetrators of the seven sensational Narayanganj killings to justice, but a number of questions remain unanswered.

Indeed, ordinary citizens are confused as to exactly how many people were involved in committing the murders.  While, so far, a total of six people have been charged in the cases filed in connection with the abduction and murder of Nazrul Islam, rumours abound that as many as 18 or even 22 people were involved in the crime.

We are concerned that despite the public hearings, so much information about the culprits remains shrouded in mystery and speculation.

It is widely thought some parties involved remain at large and may not be charged, either because they have fled justice, are hiding out abroad, or because they enjoy protection from influential quarters.

All these conflicting facts are preventing the judicial process from being seen as fair and open. The government owes it to the Bangladeshi public to clear up the miasma involving numbers in these cases. It is unclear how many of the accused have been identified publicly, and how many enjoy protection.

This particular case is unique even in our own history of murders and abductions. The involvement of criminality in political ranks, and in elite forces such as RAB has been exposed. There are lessons to be learnt from all this. Rogue elements within our law enforcement must be dealt with swiftly and transparently to prevent such crimes from happening in the future.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. It is difficult to say in which direction this corrupt and dangerous government will direct the probe iand trial of this heinous act into. Given this government duplicious nature, it will be foolish to expect anything transparent and fair..In the meantime what is of much greater concern is that by incorporating itself into this highly politicised extortionist murderuos organization namely RAB, the Army has put at risk its reputation.

    Among all institutions and most of whom are either incompetent or corrupt, Army is the only institution in the country that people still have high regard for.It simply cannot allow cannot allow its image to tarnish further. Therefore, before things get worse Army must immediately withaw its all its personnel from RAB and restore its dignity and integrity, the soonest.

  2. I agree with ADK. The Chief of the Army Staff is responsible to the government for training, discipline and morale of all ranks under him. He has unique powers unlike head of other organisations. He can convene a general court martial which can sentence a person subject to the act to death. Maintenance of morale of his under command is his primary duty.

    Under the present circumstances in Bangladesh, personnel from Armed Forces deputed to RAB must be withdrawn. When officers are accused of being hired killers, the morale of all and the sundry are bound to go down. The integrity of of the Armed Forces personnel is being questioned by the general population. The reputation of the Army must be the chief’s biggest concern at the moment. He must request the government to send back all the Armed Forces personnel to their respective units. Sooner the better!!

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