Jamaat protests propaganda against Jamaat-Shibir for blogger Rajib killing, and Chhatrta League’s threats to eminent intellectuals

Jamaat-e-Islami Acting Secretary General Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan has strongly protested and condemned the propaganda blaming Jamaat and Chhatra Shibir for killing of blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider Shovon, who were killed by miscreants on February 15 night.

In a statement, Rafiqul Islam also protested and condemned the threats given by ruling party Awami League backed Chhatra League to daily Amar Desh Acting Editor Mahmudur Rahman, eminent intellectual Dr Pias Karim and Prof Dr Asif Nazrul from the Shahbagh rally.

At the same time, he protested and condemned the brutal killing of blogger Rajib by terrorists and miscreants.

He cleared the party’s position saying that there is no involvement of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir in the killing.

Mr Khan said Jamaat-Shibir don’t believe in killing and terrorism. Rather, they abhorrently refused such terrorist politics.

Whenever any untoward incident took place in the country, making the ill-effort to gain political interest by campaigning propaganda against Jamaat-Shibir implicating them in those incidents became bad habit of the ruling Awami League and left leaning parties, he said.

The Jamaat leader also called upon the government to bring the real culprits into book and give exemplary punishment after a fair and strong investigation into the killing.

All the propaganda against Jamaat-Shibir have been proved false, he said and alleged of carrying information terrorism against them that would be boomerang for the government one day.

He also called upon the concerned people not to do such propaganda against the Jamaat-Shibir. The leader said after killing four Jamaat-Shibir men at Cox’ Bazar, police also fired more than 50 Jamaat-Shibir activists Saturday.

The Rajib killing incident proved how severely the law and order situation was deteriorated in the country.

The Jamaat leader demanded step-down of the incumbent government from the power taking its failure into account.

Mr Khan also called upon the youths, especially the students to raise their united voice against the tyranny government to force it to leave the power.

He posed a question what indicates are being come from the slogans of threatening and slaughtering the eminent citizens and intellectuals including Prof Pias Karim, Prof Asif Nazrul and Amar Desh Acting Editor Mahmudur Rahman.

When dance, songs and joys are took place in Calcutta supporting Shahbagh movement, it became clearer the aim and target of the movement and who are actually patronizing it.

The fire that the government fueled at Shahbagh will burn the government itself InshaAllah, he said.

Source: Jamaat e Islami official website


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